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School Level Textbooks

A guide to the Victorian school level textbooks and student workbooks held in the Giblin Eunson textbook collection.

Mathematics textbooks

Australian signpost maths 1 [Teacher's book] (McSeveny, 2012)

Australian signpost maths 2. [Student book]. (McSeveny, 2012)

Creative activities in mathematics. Book 1. : problem-based maths investigations for lower and middle primary (Holton, 2015)

Maths made easy. Foundation. Book 1: Numbers, adding and taking away (Hurrell, 2015)

Bright, brave, open minds: Engaging young children in math inquiry (Brodsky, 2016)

Maths plus F : Victorian curriculum (O'Brien, 2016)

Maths plus 1 : Victorian curriculum (O'Brien, 2016)

Maths plus 1 : mentals and homework book : Victoria curriculum (O'Brien, 2016)

Maths plus 2 : Victoria curriculum (O'Brien, 2016)

Maths plus 2 : mentals and homework book : Victoria curriculum (O'Brien, 2016)

Nelson maths for Victoria Year 1 [Teacher resource book] (Dash, 2007)

New signpost maths for Victoria [Student book] (McSeveny et al., 2007)

New signpost maths for Victoria [Teacher’s book] (McSeveny et al., 2007)

New signpost maths for Victoria. Interactive Whiteboard activities (CD-ROM) (McSeveny et al., 2007)

Numeracy assessment and practice tests (Ohrynowsky, 2010)

Oxford maths. Book F (Facchinetti, 2016)

Oxford maths. Book 1 (Facchinetti, 2016)

Oxford maths. Book 2 (Facchinetti, 2016)

Pre-school - year 1 connections: Theme activities for every season (Claycomb & McMorrow, 2008)

Primary maths 1 : Teacher resource book (Weeks, 2012)

Socks are like pants, cats are like dogs: games, puzzles & activities for choosing, identifying, & sorting math! (Rosenfeld & Hamilton, 2016)

Teaching maths 1 [Student book] (Pike, 2013)

Teaching Primary Mathematics 4th ed. (Booker et al., 2010)

10 Monkeys

10monkeys is a game studio that makes learning games for early learners, focusing on the universal language of math. 10monkeys encourages children to explore the world of math and to find their own way to learn.

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