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School Level Textbooks

A guide to the Victorian school level textbooks and student workbooks held in the Giblin Eunson textbook collection.

History textbooks

Barron's 100 characters from classical mythology : discover the fascinating stories of the Greek and Roman deities (Day, 2007)

Birth of a nation : eyewitness to Federation, 1850 to 1901 (Brasch, 2007)

Ceremonies (Watts & Maynard, 2017)            

Classical myth : a treasury of Greek and Roman legends, art, and history (Bingham, 2008)

Climate and landscapes (Watts, 2017)   

Convict times (Brasch, 2010)

Early 20th century (Brasch, 2010) 

Famous and infamous convicts (Brasch, 2008)

Grandpa's first year at school (Park, 2010)

Gold rushes (Brasch, 2010)

Fire making (Watts, 2017)       

First Australians: the story of Indigenous Australia (Cox, 2013)

History now F: personal and family histories : Australian curriculum (Barwick & O'Brien, 2015)

Homes : from caves to eco-pods (Raum, 2011)

Hunting (Watts, 2017)        

Jobs and industries (Brasch, 2008)

Languages (Watts & Maynard, 2017)            

Mac Australia Topics: teacher resource book by Charlotte Forwood (2010)

Making shields (Watts, 2017)        

Megafauna (Watts, 2017)    

Music : from the voice to electronica (Guillain, 2011)

Painting and carving (Watts & Maynard, 2017)     

Penal colonies (Brasch, 2008) 

The television (Spilsbury and Spilsbury, 2012)

Transport : from walking to high-speed rail (Raum, 2011) 

Victorian times (Brasch, 2010)

Primary Australian history : understanding our shared past. v.1 (2008)

Primary Australian history : understanding our shared past. v.2 (2008)

Rock paintings (Watts & Maynard, 2017)            

Shelters (Watts, 2017)    

Spear making (Watts, 2017)    

Stone tools (Watts, 2017)   

Teaching history in primary schools (Hoodless, 2008) 

Tribes of Australia (Watts & Maynard, 2017)            

Word War II : 1939-1945 (Brasch, 2009)

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