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School Level Textbooks

A guide to the Victorian school level textbooks and student workbooks held in the Giblin Eunson textbook collection.

History - Revolutions textbooks

A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution 1891-1924 (Figes, 1996)

America in Revolution (Cantwell, 2004) 

American revolution : study and exam guide (Casey, 2017)

Analysing the Chinese Revolution (Sowdon, 2009)

Analysing the French Revolution 2nd ed (Adcock, 2009)

Analysing the Russian Revolution  2nd ed (Malone, 2009)

Cambridge checkpoints 2010 VCE history - French revolution (Adcock, 2010)

Communist Russia Under Lenin and Stalin (Fiehn, 2002) 

Chinese revolution : study and exam guide (Lyell,  2017)

French revolution : study and exam guide (von Güttner, 2018) 

French Revolution 1789-1799 (McPhee, 2002)

Mao: The Unknown Story (Chang and Halliday, 2005)

Power and Privilege 2nd ed (Christian, 1994)

French Revolution (Hibbert, 1982)

Reaction and Revolutions: Russia 1894-1924 3rd ed (Lynch, 2005)

Revolution America: A Student Handbook (Thompson, 2004) 

Revolution China: A Student Handbook (McDonald, 2004)

Revolution France: A Student Handbook (Fenwick and Anderson, 2006)

Revolution Russia: Student Workbook (Morgan, 2005)

Russian Revolution 2nd ed (Fitzpatrick, 2001)

The Spirit of Change: France in Revolution (Fieling, 1999)

The Spirit of Change: Russia in Revolution (Fielding, 1998)

The Leading Edge: VCE Units 3 & 4: History Revolutions (Thompson et al, 2005)

VCE history : Chinese revolution (Sowdon, 2012)

VCE history, revolutions. Units 3 & 4, Complete course notes (Sevinc, 2018)

VCE history. French revolution (Adcock, 2011)

VCE History: Russian Revolution (Adcock, 2011) 

VCE Renaissance Italy : teacher pack (Frigo, 2010) 

VCE revolutions teacher pack (Erikson and Kerr, 2010)

Text and Traditions textbooks

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