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Music Theatre

This guide will point you to Music Theatre resources available at the University of Melbourne Library

Finding Scripts in the Catalogue

To find scripts in the library's collection, perform a keyword search in the catalogue. Start with the title of the play, film or television program/series, and then further qualify with further keywords (like Drama, Screenplay, or Author) if required.


For example: 

You may also need to limit the results to printed books (otherwise your search will return results for DVDs and other formats as well). You can do this in the Advanced Search screen: using the Material Type menu, select "Printed Books."

To search information about an Author, you can do a subject search. From the catalogue, select "Subject" in the left-hand drop down menu, and then type in the author's last name, then first name. For example:

Then select a subject heading to see titles. For example:

You can repeat this search process with broader Subject Headings, for example:


The Southbank Library holds the libretti for many works of Musical Theatre. These can be searched in the catalogue in the manner described in the Find Books page, or by using a Subject search. The most useful Subject search for libretti is:


If you are browsing the shelves, Libretti can usually be found at call number 782.140268.

Library Catalogue Search

Use the library catalogue to search for relevant books, e-books, journals, newspapers, microfilms and other resources.


Browsing the shelves

 You can browse the library shelves to discover more of our collections:  

  • 791.4372 -  Film scripts 
  • 812 -           American/Canadian drama 
  • 822 -           British drama 
  • A822.3 -     Australian drama
  • 842 -           French drama 
  • 882 -           Greek drama 

Please note: there are a large collection of film script "class sets" which are held in our store.  You can locate these by using the catalogue and search as suggested above.

Preferred Online Databases


 Why use scripts from AFSO,, or Drama Online? 


ALSO NOTE the individual titles from AFSO and Drama Online can be searched separately in the library catalogue. For example:

Finding Scripts Online

Additional Resources

 Note many of these websites provide draft film scripts that may or may not have legally published.
 Please consider copyright issues when utilising these in your study and work at the University.