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Finding Music Scores

Guide to finding music scores at the Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Collection, located at the Southbank Library.

Thematic & Composer Catalogues

Used to identify and verify the works of specific composers, genre or instrumentation.

They often include:

  • incipits (the music of the first few bars of each movement)
  • the location of the manuscript (if available)


Composer thematic catalogues

For example:

Located in the Reference collection at 016.78092 and 781.972, and are arranged by composer name.


Search the library catalogue to see if there is a thematic catalogue for your composer:

  • Use a keyword search and include the keywords 'thematic catalogs' (Note spelling of 'catalogs').
  • If there is a completed Collected Edition for that composer, a thematic catalogue may not be necessary.
  • The following bibliography may be useful:

Guides & Bibliographies


Browse the Reference Collection

Use the Dewey classification system to help locate material relating to a specific genre and instrument combination.

For example:



‚ÄčUse a keyword search to combine a specific genre or period with terms such as  'bibliography', 'discography' and 'catalog*'.

For example:

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