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Discovery: More Search Options

Learn how to use the library search tool, Discovery.

Search Options

To access search options that give you more control over your search:

Click the Search Options link under the search box.



Choose a search mode such as:

  • Boolean/phrase:
    • to use Boolean operators like AND, OR
  • Find all my search terms:
    • Will return results where all your search terms were found.
  • Find any of my search terms.
    • Will return results where any of your search terms were found.
  • SmartText Searching
    • Enter as much text for your search as you want - a phrase, a sentence, paragraph, or even whole pages. (Only in EBSCO databases)

Click the blue  icon next to 'Search Modes' for more information.

More on search modes

Use the limits to control where the search looks:

  • Full text 
    • Finds items only available in full-text online.
  • Catalogue only
    • Finds items from the library catalogue.
  • Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
    • This limits results to only those items which are published in peer reviewed sources. 
  • Publication Date
    • This limits results to items published within a specific date range.

Click the Advanced Search link under the search box

This allows you to enter your search terms in the three search box, one concept per row.

  • Type in the OR operator to search for similar terms.
  • Use the menu to the left of a search box to link the boxes using Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT. 
  • Use the drop-down menu to the right of a search box to choose which field to search in, such as:
    • Author
    • Title
    • Journal title

More on using Advanced Search

Search Tips: Boolean Operators

Choose the Boolean/Phrase search mode or use the Advanced Search to use Boolean Operators.


Use AND to narrow your search

bicycles AND Australia


Use OR to broaden your search

bicycles OR bikes OR trikes


Use NOT to exclude terms

education not technology

More search tips