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Indigenous Legal Research


For detailed information about researching Australian legislation, including finding all legislation on a topic, refer to our Australian Cases, Legislation & Law Reform research guide. In addition, the following specific resources will help you find legislation concerning Australian Indigenous issues.

To find selected and important legislation, use secondary sources such as books, commentary and legal encyclopaedias to identify legislation on a topic.

To find all legislation on indigenous issues, use the following two databases:


  • From the Homepage, select Browse Legislation (this part of the database is open access)
  • Select one or more jurisdictions (the default is all jurisdictions)
  • Choose Indigenous Australians from the Category drop down menu
  • Choose a sub-category from the drop down menu
  • The results will be displayed in jurisdiction order.



Timebase (UniMelb staff & Student access)

  • Select LawOne from the Homepage
  • Select Browse from the top menu - a dropdown menu will appear
  • Select By Subject from under the Legislation heading
  • Scroll to Indigenous Australians in the lefthand menu and use the + signs to open the narrower topics. You can sort by title, date and jurisdiction. you can filter by jurisdiction, document type (Act, Regulation, Bill etc), status (current, repealed, awaiting assent etc) and whether the Act is a principal or amending Act.