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Indigenous Legal Research

Finding Journal Articles

To find scholarly and professional journal articles on Australian indigenous law, irrespective of the journal is which the articles are published, see our Secondary Sources Research guide. This will recommend databases that index articles from hundreds of journals, which can be searched at the same time. some are Australian journal indexes; others are multijurisdictional.

Specific journal databases for researching indigenous law are:


AGIS-ATSIS (UniMelb staff & student access) - this is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Subset of the legal journals database on the INFORMIT platform. It includes indexed articles from 1975 to current, and full text articles from 1999 to current.  Over 120 Australian, New Zealand and Pacific law journals are indexed, as well as selected articles from major law journals from the USA, Canada and the UK. The majority of records contained in the subset deal with legal issues such as land rights, native title, customary law,  Indigenous people in the criminal justice system, racial discrimination, indigenous intellectual property, and reconciliation.

CINCH-ATSIS (UniMelb staff & student access) - this is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Subset of the criminology and criminal justice journals database on the INFORMIT platform. CINCH indexes and abstracts articles on all aspects of crime and criminal justice. CINCH-ATSIS includes information on the involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the justice system.


Indigenous Collection (UniMelb staff & student access) on the INFORMIT platform. This collection covers many subject areas, including law and land rights. The database includes full text articles from 1977 to current.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander combined Informit Indexes (UniMelb staff & student access). This combined index searches the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subsets of 12 databases - including criminology and criminal justice (CINCH-ATSIS), law (AGIS-ATSIS), health, education, politics and public affairs, family and society.

Recent Open Access Articles & Book Chapters on SSRN

Bielefeld, Shelley, ‘The Intervention, Stronger Futures and Racial Discrimination: Placing the Australian Government Under Scrutiny’ in Elisabeth Baehr and Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp (eds), And there'll be NO dancing’. Perspectives on Policies Impacting Indigenous Australia since 2007 (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017) 145-166

Lino, Dylan, 'Towards Indigenous–Settler Federalism' (2017) 28 Public Law Review 118

Marshall, Virginia, 'Overturning Aqua Nullius: Pathways to National Law Reform' (April 10, 2017)