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Explore the new RefWorks, a web based reference manager available to staff and students of the university.

What is Write-N-Cite?

What is Write-N-Cite?

Use Write-N-Cite to insert citations and generate bibliographies using the RefWorks Write-N-Cite within Microsoft Word or Word for Mac.

Write-N-Cite also allows you to work off-line.

To get started using Write-N-Cite, login to your RefWorks account and the go to the Tools menu to download the Write-N-Cite plugin.

Download Write-N-Cite

Download Write-N-Cite

To use Write-N-Cite with RefWorks you will need to download a plug-in to your computer. You must have administrator rights to complete the download.

Information to install Write-N-Cite for Windows or Mac

Downloading Write-N-Cite from Refworks.


1. Log into Refworks. From the Tools drop down menu, select Write-N-Cite.


2. Copy the code from the pop-up. You will need this to use Write-N-Cite in Microsoft Word.



3.  Download Write-N-Cite for Windows or Mac.
Note: To check your version of Microsoft Word, select File > Help. The right hand colum will tell you the bit and version in use.


4. Once installation has been successful, open Microsoft Word and select the Proquest/Refworks tab.

5. You can type in your RefWorks username and password, or select the Log- in button and paste the code to begin using Write-N-Cite. RefWorks will take a minute to sync the accounts, after which you will be able to use the toolbar to interact with Word and RefWorks.


Write-N-Cite : installing and logging in

Write-N-Cite: installing and logging in

Write-N-Cite : inserting citations

Write-N-Cite: insert citations