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Southeast Asian Legal Research Guide (ARCHIVE): Case Law


The Supreme Court of the Philippines is the highest court in the Philippines, and has both original and appellate jurisdiction. In its original jurisdiction, the Supreme Court hears constitutional matters and interprets the Constitution. Only decisions of the Supreme Court establish precendential jurisprudence. Its decisions are binding on all other courts. For information about the composition of the court, and of its jurisdiction and powers, see Article VIII of the Constitution. See also information on the History of the Supreme Court on its website.

The Sandiganbayan has jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases involving graft and corrupt practices committed by public officers and employees, including those in government-owned or controlled corporations. It was created by Art XIII of the 1973 Constitution and its functions and jurisdiction confirmed by Art XI of the 1987 Constitution.
More on the mandate, jurisdiction, history and statutory history of the Sandiganbayan on the Court's website.
For detailed information on the courts and cases, see the Research of Case Law section of the Globalex guide, Philippine Legal Research by Milagros Santos-Ong.

Finding Case Law


CD Asia Online (UniMelb staff & student access) includes completely up to date unreported decisions of the Supreme Court of the Philippines from 1901 to the present, with the complete text of the judgments, separate, concurring and dissenting opinions, footnotes, and headnotes and synopses for selected cases. Decisions can be searched or browsed.

  • To access CD Asia Online, an addtional password is required. Login via the catalogue to get this password. Select Jurisprudence to access the Supreme Court decisions.  

The LAWPHiL Project: Arellano Law Foundation - (open access) Supreme Court decisions (1910-current) - can be browsed by year. Searching is very basic.

The Supreme Court e-Library Bookshelf - (open access) includes Supreme Court decisions and signed resolutions (1996 to current) on open access. There are also decisions of other courts such as the Court of Appeal - but the coverage is very patchy. Other parts of the site (eg: minute resolutions and court issuances) are not open access. 

The official Philippine Reports vol 1(1901)-vol 124(1966) are available on microfiche. These are held in off-site Store but can be ordered. The Baillieu library has a microfiche reader/scanner. The Philippine Reports contain decisions of the Supreme Court only.


Sandiganbayan decisions and resolutions are available on its website (open access) 2001 - current. This database is completely up to date.
Decisions of the Court of Tax Appeals are available on the Court website.  The decisions are very up to date.The decisions database can only be searched, not browsed.
Decisions of all other courts are not available online.

Court Rules

The LAWPHiL Project: Arellano Law Foundation - contains judicial issuances, including court rules, regulations, orders and directories of all Philippines Courts.