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Southeast Asian Legal Research Guide (ARCHIVE): Books and Journals

Recent Books on Indonesian Law

Finding Journal Articles on Indonesian Law

Articles on Indonesian law may appear in many journals, not only Indonesian or Asian law journals, and not only law journals. To find articles on your legal topic, irrespective of the journal in which they appear, see the Finding Journal Articles on South East Asian Law box on the Books & Journals page of this Guide. It will show you the best databases to use to search for journal articles in hundreds of journals.

Recent Open Access Articles on Indonesian Law on SSRN

Faiz, Pan Mohamad, 'The Dissolution of Political Parties in Indonesia: Lessons Learned from the European Court of Human Rights' (2019) 22(4) Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues 1-10

Holland, Bradley, 'Clemency and Constitutional Duties in Indonesia: A Promise Made is a Promise Kept?' (2018) 19(1) Australian Journal of Asian Law Article 2

Ahamat, Haniff and Nasarudin Abdul Rahman, 'Halal Food, Market Access and Exception to WTO Law: New Aspects Learned from Indonesia — Chicken Products' (2018) 13(2) Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy 355-373  

Iskandar, Azwar and Saragih, Rahmaluddin, 'Does Corruption Affect Poverty in Indonesia?' (2018) 11(1) Jurnal BPPK: Badan Pendidikan Dan Pelatihan Keuangan 1-14 

Khatarina, Josi, 'Palm Oil in Indonesia and Natural Resources Management: Why the Lack of a Legal Framework' (2018) 19(1) Australian Journal of Asian Law Article 9

Individual Indonesian Law and Interdisciplinary Journals

Indonesia Law Review (ILREV) (open access - vol 1 (2011) to current) is an initiative of Djokosoetono Research Center (DRC) Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. It aims primarily to facilitate scholarly and professional discussions over current developments on legal issues in Indonesia.

Indonesian Journal of International Law - on HEIN Online (UniMelb access - vol 1 (2003) to current) is published by the Center for International Law Studies Faculty of Law University of Indonesia to serve the development of international law particularly in Indonesia.

Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law - on HEIN Online (UniMelb access - vol 1 (2014) to current). This journal is published under the auspices of the Institute for Migrant Rights in Indonesia. The idea behind its establishment grew out of the concern over an impasse in contemporary and comparative legal scholarship in Indonesia and the region in general. As a transnational scholarly project, the Journal provides a forum for legal practitioners and scholars from the Republic of Indonesia, Asia, and elsewhere to discuss a broad range of issues relating to "law."

Indonesia (open access - vol 1 (1966) to current) is a semi-annual journal devoted to the timely study of Indonesia's culture, history, government, economy, and society. It features original scholarly articles, interviews, translations, and book reviews. 

International Journal of Indonesian Studies (open access - vol 1 (2013) to current) is an inter-disciplinary journal from Monash University dedicated to the publication and promotion of early career researchers from Indonesia whose work focuses on Indonesian issues and subjects/topics.

Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (UniMelb access - vol 1 (1965) to current)