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AAA Education Team Master Guide

Generic boxes for Education guides

How to use the Master guide

The Home tab of this master guide includes a mix of general guidance to support the maintenance and development of the Education Libguides, and content which is standard on the home tab of all of our guides.

  1. All information about the Education Template is stored here Ed LibGuides template. You must be across the guidelines before you make edits to our guides
  2. When creating and updating guides, the preference is to link to existing boxes within this guide where ever possible. Using linked boxes supports guide quality and our capacity to maintain our comprehensive list of guides. It means if we improve the design or the wording within a box, or fix a broken link it is immediately applied to all linked guides.Let Kat know if you have ideas for improving the design of a box.
  3. This guide is also a repository for best practice examples across all of our education guides see the Keyword search strategy box as an example.The suggested approach would to be use it as a starting point for a box for another subject area by copying this box to your guide and then editing the subject content. These boxes have been developed through iterative improvements by all staff in the team and feedback from guide users. Design principles include: incorporating essential information; supporting user experience; brevity and minimizing text.
  4. Guides don't need to be identical. To some extent, guides can reflect the individuality of the guide owner, the requirements of the subject area and requests from academic staff. Using images and multimedia boxes are great strategies.
  5. The maintenance spreadsheet box tracks our work. Every guide must have a hidden maintenance tab. 

Gulde Design - consistency across guides

Consistency across guides

1.View the Maths Education as an example of the layout of Education guides (for consistent use of boxes from master guide and ordering of boxes within pages)

2. All guides have a Getting Started page

3. Consistent sub-pages in all guides

  • Quick links page (Getting Started sub-page)
  • Library Guides for Education (Getting Started sub-page)

4. Mapped pages for

  • Accessing full-text
  • Research Essentials
  • Referencing.

5. Every guide is to include a hidden maintenance page with a linked maintenance spreadsheet box - the box you need to link to is here