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Careers and Jobs

Resources to assist University of Melbourne students with career planning and job hunting.

Researching companies and industries using Library and other resources

Databases for researching employers

Gain a detailed understanding of a company's operations to support your job search and applications.

Company Information

These business databases contain the latest analysis and insights on Australian and global companies.

  • Company360
    • 50,000 Australian public and private companies.
  • IBISWorld
    • Top 2000 Australian companies
  • Hoover's
    • 65 million global public and private companies

News and media reports

  • Factiva
    •  Media reporting about your company including issues, achievements and controversies.

Trade and professional magazines

What to look for on a company website

The three most useful documents on company websites for jobseekers include:

  1. Annual report
    How is the company performing?
    What were the highlights from the previous year/s?

    Question for you:

    What insights can you use in your application and interview questions?
  2. Corporate plan/strategy
    What are the key priorities and future challenges? 
    What is the company's vision? 
    How is the company changing? 

    Question for you:
    How does your experience align with the company's direction?

  3. Organisational chart
    How are the teams organised?
    ​Who are the team leaders and managers?

    Questions for you:

    Where is your position located?
    What teams will you work with?

10 things to find out about an employer

  1. Who is in the senior leadership team?

  2. What's the latest news about the company?

  3. Who are the company's competitors?

  4. What industry does the company operate in?

  5. What are the companies main products and services?

  6. Is it a public or private company?

  7. How is the company structured?

  8. Is it a large, medium or small sized company?

  9. What's the recent company financial performance?

  10. What's the future outlook for your company?