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Authorised Law Reports (ARCHIVE): Australia – Commonwealth

Authorised Law Reports of Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, United Kingdom and United States jurisdictions

Australia Federal

Court Title of Reporting Series Abbreviation of Report Series University of Melbourne Online Holdings University of Melbourne Print Holdings Example Citation
(AGLC3 style)
High Court    Commonwealth Law Reports 1903- CLR  

v.1 1903/1904-

Westlaw AU

AustLII: 1903-1951 (replicas of the original report series)


v.1 1903/1904- R v Tang (2008) 237 CLR 1
Federal Court   Federal Court Reports 1984- FCR  

v.1 1984-

Westlaw AU 

v.1 1984- Hicks v Ruddock (2007) 156 FCR 574
Administrative Appeals Tribunal Administrative Law Decisions  1976- ALD  

v.1 1976-

Lexis Advance 

v.1 1976-v.85 2005

Re Tolo and Commonwealth of Australia (1985) 9 ALD 225

Australian Industrial Relations Commission / Fair Work Australia / Fair Work Commission

Industrial Reports

(Authorised Reports of the AIRC/Fair Work Australia are included from vol 154 (2006) onwards. Decisions of other courts and tribunals contained in the IRs are NOT authorised.)


v. 1 1981-

Westlaw AU

v.1 1981-

Hill v Downer EDI Mining (2008) 179 IR 119