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Altmetrics: what they are, tools to gather them and how to increase your altmetric scores.

Step 1

Collect your DOIs with a Scopus author search

Scopus author search box


Step 2

Export documents to an EndNote library using the default Scopus format which includes DOI

Scopus export

Step 3

Create a new Output Style in EndNote consisting only of DOI. This takes several steps.

3a. EDIT - Output Styles - New Style...

3b. FILE - Save As <a new style called DOI>

3c. From the tree at left select Bibliography - Templates

3d. Click on the blue Reference Types button then check off each reference type you are likely to identify with a DOI

3e. Click on the blue Select Fields button at top right and select DOI. Then repeat with the next reference type. 

3f. Close, Save.

New EndNote output style