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Introduction to Legal Research

This guide is an introduction to legal research at the University of Melbourne. This guide is intended for law students in the JD, MLM , Breadth programs who are new to legal research. Students in other disciplines who may need to conduct legal research

About Government Publications 

Government publications can help you understand the background to legal developments and policy.     

Capital Monitor includes full text government documents at a federal, state and territory level. The main collection includes: 

A Media section which contains:

  • Press Releases
  • Speeches
  • Reports and government responses to reports
  • White papers (policy) and green papers (discussion)
  • Discussion papers

On Capital Monitor you will also find legislative information such as:

  • Gazette notices (Special, Government, Periodic, ASIC and Business)
  • Statutory Rules and their Explanatory Statements
  • Selected cases.

Note: there are other databases we recommend to find legislative information and cases. See the legislation and cases modules of this guide for more.