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MD Research Project Literature Searching Guide

Cochrane Interactive Learning Modules - Overview

This online course provides over 10 hours of self-directed learning on the complete systematic review process for both new and experienced review authors. Cochrane Interactive Learning is aimed primarily for authors of systematic reviews following Cochrane methodology. It is useful for both introductory-level learners and more experienced learners who want to refresh and update their knowledge.

*Please refer to access instructions - below

Module 1: Introduction to conducting systematic reviews

What systematic reviews are, why they are useful, framing a review question, process for reviews.
Module 2: Writing the review protocol
Why protocols are a crucial step, components of a protocol, framing eligibility criteria.

Module 3: Searching for studies
Why systematic and rigorous searches are important, planning and designing search strategies, sources of studies, managing and reporting the process.

Module 4: Selecting studies and collecting data
How to select studies for inclusion, systematically collecting different data types that meet criteria.

Module 5: Introduction to study quality and risk of bias
What bias is, how to assess the risk of bias in randomized trials in different sources.

Module 6: Analysing the data
How to analyse different types of data, effect measures, undertaking meta-analysis, recognizing heterogeneity.

Module 7: Interpreting the findings
How to interpret results of statistical analysis, reporting bias, using GRADE method to report on certainty of evidence.

Module 8: Reporting the review
The reporting process, creating ‘Summary of findings’ tables, writing up results, discussing evidence, drawing conclusions, summary formats.

Module 9: Introduction to health economics
Introducing health economics and considerations for this in a systematic review.
Module 10: Network meta-analysis
Introduction to network meta-analysis (NMA) in the context of a systematic review of randomised trials.


Registering for Cochrane Interactive Learning

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2. From the next screen, click on "Course Registration"

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4. You will see a "You seem to be using EZproxy/WAM" message, it is essential that you click on that link.

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6. Once account is activated and password created return to Cochrane Interactive Learning and click again on "New users and subscribers" to login.