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Research Impact for STEMM - a self-help guide

This guide will assist researchers in the STEMM disciplines to find bibliometrics to demonstrate the impact of their research outputs.

Article Metrics

In this section we have included metrics that are generally applied to a single article however, some can be applied to a collection of articles.

Please use the sub menu for instructions on generating these metrics.

Citation Count

The number of times an article has been cited

Tools: Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar

Article Ranking Within Topic

Article ranking in this section is a method of searching by topic and then sorting the results by citation count. A specific article can then be manually identified as being within a certain percentage range.

Tools: Scopus, Web of Science

Article Ranking Within Journal Article ranking in this section is a method of searching by publication and calculating the rank of an article by citation count in a given year.
Field Weighted Citation Impact

Field Weighted Citation Impact in this section looks at identifying this metric for a single article

Tools: Scopus


Altmetrics are alternative metrics such as social media mentions, downloads etc.

Tools: Altmetric Explorer, PlumX Metrics, Journal web pages

Example Statement

4. Saxby, D.J., Bryant, A.L., Gerus, P., Killen, B.A. (2016). Tibiofemoral contact forces in the anterior cruciate ligament-reconstructed knee. Medicine and Science in Sports and Excercise, 14(11), 2195-2206. Cited 15 times.

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