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Development Studies

Your guide to Development Studies resources at the University of Melbourne Library.


This subject guide highlights some key discipline resources to get you started with study and research. 

Encyclopedias and handbooks

For an authoritative overview on development studies topic areas, you can start with the following reference databases:

Below is a selection of other reference works related to development studies, both in print and eBook format. You might also like to try browsing for more reference sources in the library catalogue.

Databases and journals

Use databases to search across many academic resources (including peer-reviewed journals) at the same time. 

Refer to the A-Z Ejournals and Databases page for a comprehensive list of available resources. 

Core Arts and Humanities databases:

The selection of multidisciplinary databases below will retrieve results from different subject areas. 

There are many areas of focus within development studies. Here is just a small selection of databases relevant to each area that you may want to start with:


Agriculture and/or food supply

Economy and industry



Region-specific information


You can access print and eBooks via the Library Catalogue. To find books on a particular subject, try a keyword search:




To improve your searching skills, see the Research Essentials Library Guide. Note that you can search the catalogue in non-Latin scripts (including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean). 

For information on access and loans, including material from other libraries, see the borrowing from the library page. The eBook Guide provides information on eBook access.


Country information

Streaming videos and media

Research methods

To get started, try some of the resources below:


You can find relevant information and resources for your research on the websites of professional organisations and bodies, institutes, NGOs, government departments, etc.

This guide gives a few suggestions to get you started and to give you an idea what to look for. It is by no means comprehensive. If you are a coursework student, check your LMS to see if your lecturer has provided website recommendations.

Tip: if you want to limit your Google search results to organisational, governmental, or educational websites, use Google's advanced search option to limit the site or domains to .org, .gov, .edu

General overviews

Agriculture and food supply

Economy and industry

Health and science

Human rights and society

Referencing and citing

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