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Australian Legislation (archive Sept 2021)

Authoritative Australian Capital Territory Acts


The ACT Legislation Register is the authorised source for Australian Capital Territory legislation. 

Australian Capital Territory Acts


As made

Sessional Acts from 1989 are available from the ACT Legislation Register.

In force

Acts currently in force are available from the ACT Legislation Register.


Current and historical consolidated versions of Acts are available under the list of current Acts from the ACT Legislation Register.


All repealed Acts (including ordinances) are available from the ACT Legislation Register.

Commencement Information

The commencement date is the date on which an Act comes into effect. This can be specified in the Act itself, notified through the Government Gazette, or specified in general in an Interpretation Act.

Relevant sections of legislation include: 

Commencement notices from 1989 to current are available from the ACT Legislation Register.

Tracking the history and currency of ACT legislation

The Legislation Update for each year contains information about ACT legislation notified, amended or repealed in that year. This update is available for every year from 2000. Prior to this, the information was compiled in a publication known as the Red Book. This is also available on the ACT Legislation Register.

Tables of ACT Law include listings of legislation as notified (including information about commencements and repeals). The tables are divided into Acts tables, Ordinance tables, Subordinate Laws tables and Disallowable Instruments tables. They are available on the ACT Legislation Register.

Australian Capital Territory Bills


The ACT Legislation Register holds the following information on bills:

  • bills currently before Parliament
  • bills presented before Legislative Assembly from 1989
  • bills passed and awaiting notification
  • annual listing of bills discharged, negatived, withdrawn or lapsed, from 1989

Australian Capital Territory Explanatory Statements


Since 1989, ACT explanatory statements have been issued as separate documents along with the bills since 1989. Where available, explanatory statements can be found with the corresponding bill on the ACT Legislation Register.

From 1975 to 1981, a form of explanatory memorandum was attached to “Messages from the Minister” [for the Capital Territory] and was included in ACT Hansard.

Australian Capital Territory Parliamentary Debates



Hansard records and publishes the debates of the Legislative Assembly and the evidence taken during hearings of the Assembly committees.

Documents from previous Assemblies (1989 - ) are available here. This includes minutes of proceedings, notice papers and bills lists.

Australian Capital Territory Government Gazettes


A gazette is an official publication for the purpose of notifying the actions and decisions of the government. Government Gazettes are available online from 1989 onwards, via the ACT Legislation Register.

Australian Capital Territory Statutory Rules


The following are available on the ACT Legislation Register:

  • Subordinate laws currently in force
  • Subordinate laws as notified, by year, from 1914
  • Repealed subordinate laws are being progressively added
  • Disallowance and amendment resolutions, from 1998