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Australian Legislation (archive Sept 2021)

Authoritative Queensland Acts


The Queensland Legislation website is the authoritative  source for Queensland legislation.

As of 2013, the Office of the Queensland Parlimentary Counsel authorises the electronic versions of legislation and reprints. Pre-2013 legislation will be progressively authorised.

Under section 46A of the Evidence Act 1977 (Qld), legislation authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel is taken to be a correct copy of the legislation until the contrary is proved.

To check whether a document is authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel, go to the end of the document. If the legislation is authorised, the authority statement ‘Authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel’ appears under the copyright statement.

See the statement on the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel website.

Queensland Acts


Acts as passed

Acts in force

  • Legislation currently in force is available from the Queensland Legislation website. Current reprints are now authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel (for more information, see here).

Repealed Acts

  • Repealed legislation is available from the Queensland Legislation website. This also includes historical reprints of repealed legislation.

Commencement Information

The Acts Interpretation Act 1954 sets out the law relating to the commencement of Acts. All provisions of an Act commence on the day the Governor assents to the Act except when the Act expressly provides otherwise (see section 15A). If an Act does not commence on assent, the provision providing for its commencement will usually be found in section 2 of the Act.

For more information see Finding Queensland legislation and information.

Commencement information is available in the Current Queensland Legislation Annotations as well as in each individual Act.

Queensland Bills


The Queensland Legislation website has Bills from 1992 to current.  

Queensland Explanatory Notes


Explanatory Notes have been issued for Queensland bills since 1990. Since 1992, they have also been published as a separate volume of the Queensland Acts. They are available online through the Queensland Legislation website, linked from each individual bill from 1992 to current.

For the period 1944 to 1991, the published Record of the Legislative Acts passed by the Parliament of Queensland contains descriptions of the purposes of Acts as passed. This Record is not available online and is only available in hard copy (see holdings here).

Queensland Parliamentary Debates



The Record of Proceedings is the official record of the debates and procedures of the Queensland Parliament's Legislative Assembly; that is, it is a record of what is said in the House and a record of the procedural events of the House. The Record of Proceedings is commonly referred to as Hansard.

The Record of Proceedings from 1860 is fully searchable and can be browsed by sitting date through the Queensland Parliament website. Live and archived audio and video broadcasts of parliamentary proceedings are available from 14 February 2011 on the Queensland Parliament website.

Indexes to Parliament Debates from 1860 are available on the Queensland Parliament website.

Tabled Papers

Tabled papers include documents and artefacts presented to Parliament in the course of its proceedings. The tabling of a document effects the publication of that document and the protection of parliamentary privilege. Documents tabled in parliament include reports from parliamentary committees, auditor-general reports, annual reports and budget papers.

The Online Tabled Papers database on the Queensland Parliament website contains tabled papers from 

Queensland Gazettes


Government gazettes provide proclamations by the State Governor, and official notice of actions taken by Government authorities, Government departments, local councils and companies.

See also this guide to Queensland Government Gazettes from the State Library of Queensland and this guide from the Queensland State Archives.

Queensland Subordinate Legislation


Subordinate legislation as made (from 1991 - current) is available through the Queensland Legislation website. This includes links to the explanatory notes and regulatory impact statements for subordinate legislation.

Queensland Tables and Indexes


Queensland Legislation Annotations

The current annotations contains the history of Queensland legislation including details of Acts, subordinate legislation and certain other statutory and prerogative instruments. Repealed annotations are also available.