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Australian Case Law

Commonwealth Authorised Reports

The authorised report series of the High Court of Australia is the Commonwealth Law Reports:

Westlaw AU - complete series available online (UniMelb staff & student access).

AustLII - 1903 - 1951. These are exact replicas of the original report series and are acceptable in Court. After 1951, only the unreported versions of judgments are available.

To locate authorised report series from other Commonwealth courts (such as the Federal Court, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Australian Industrial Relations Commission), see our Authorised Law Reports guide.

Commonwealth Unreported Judgments

The following unreported judgments from Commonwealth courts are available on AustLII:

  • High Court of Australia - 1903 - present

Other unreported judgments on AustLII include:

  • Federal Court of Australia - 1977 - present
  • Federal Court of Australia, Full Court - 2002 - present
  • Federal Circuit Court of Australia - 2013 - present
  • Federal Magistrates Court of Australia - 2000 - 2013
  • Family Court of Australia - 1976 - present
  • Family Court of Australia, Full Court - 2008 - present
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal - 1976 - present
  • Australian Industrial Relations Commission - 1983 - 2009
  • Industrial Relations Court of Australia - 1994 - 2002
  • Fair Work Australia - 2009 - 2012
  • Fair Work Commission - 2013 - present
  • National Native Title Tribunal - 1994 - present

Finding matters pending, submissions filed & outcomes in Commonwealth Courts


The High Court of Australia

See the High Court of Australia's website for information on submissions and special leave applications. 

Federal Courts

The Federal Law Search (on the Commonwealth Courts Portal) provides information on cases initiated in the Federal Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. The database is updated in real time and includes all cases that have commenced since 1 January 1984. The database includes a list of all submissions, and links to full text orders and judgments made throughout the matter. This is a good way to find information on matters still pending. For completed matters, the outcomes are provided - so this is a good resource for finding information about matters which did not proceed because they were settled, withdrawn or otherwise discontinued.

Commonwealth Sentencing Database


The purpose of the Commonwealth Sentencing Database is to provide judicial officers and other users with rapid and easy access to information about sentencing for Commonwealth offences.

High Court Bulletin


The High Court Bulletin is compiled monthly, from February to December, after each Court sitting and contains, as at the date of each issue:


High Court Blog


The Melbourne Law School High Court Blog aims to provide a public forum for discussion of the judicial decisions of the High Court of Australia.

This blog will provide commentary on and analysis of recent High Court decisions, general information about the Court, as well as marking significant activities and events at the Court. It is a forum for discussion of decisions of the Court and a resource for understanding the operation of the Court.

Recent posts from Opinions on High


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