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MKTG20009 Global Marketing

  Which database? 

Each database includes different information.

Use the drop down box to see which database contains what you are looking for.

Company Information
Financials & Ratios

Database Regions What is included? How to find?
DatAnalyisis Australia - ASX listed Previous 12 years Annual financials OR Interim financials
then select Ratio Analysis
Orbis International Previous 5 years Financials
then select Global Ratios
Hoovers International Previous 10 years financials, basic ratios  
Company360 Australia Previous 10 years Financials
then select Ratios

Company Information


Database Regions What is included? How to find?
Orbis International   In company report select Ownership Tree then Subsiduaries
Company360 Australia   In company report select Family Tree
DatAnalyisis Australia - ASX listed   In company report select Controlled Entities

Company Information
SWOT Analysis


Database Regions What is included? How to find?
MarketLine International For large companies  
Passport International Many profiles contain competitive positioning analyses  
Hoovers International   Core then select SWOT

Company Information
Annual reports


Database Regions What is included? How to find?
Orbis International   Select Original Documents
DatAnalyisis Australia -
ASX listed
mid-1990s - present
(some earlier - 1980s)
Annual Reports Collection
(Connect 4)
Australia - ASX listed 1992 - present  
Edgar Search United States 1993 - present Search by name, the limit by filing type 10-K
ProQuest Historical Annual Reports United States 1884 - 2008

800 companies included
Annual Report File


New Zealand

mid-1950s - mid-1990s microform in Baillieu Library

Company Information


Database Regions What is included? How to find?
DatAnalyisis Australia -
ASX listed
  Select Peer Analysis to compare financial performance of companies in the same GICS Industry Group
  In company profile select Competitors
then select Peer Analysis from drop-down menu
then select desired variables to compare
Hoovers International   In company report select Competition
Orbis International   In company
Passport International Rankings of leading companies by market and brand shares  

  What type of company are you researching? 



Trade stocks or securities on an exchange (e.g. the ASX).

Must disclose operations and performance to shareholders.


Most likely to have detailed information available in databases.



An entity with private ownership. No public stocks.

Not obliged to disclose information, may be harder to research.

Some information is available in the databases, particularly on larger companies, also check news reports.



Publicly accountable, obliged to disclose information.

For Australia check for a website, APO, IBISWorld.


Fall under a variety of company structures.

Check databases and
ACNC for financials



A subsidiary is owned by a parent company.

If financials not available, check parent company.

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