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Australian & Comparative Constitutional Law

Contemporary Annotators - section by section treatment

The following 'annotators' provide a section by section treatment, providing commentary and leading cases for each provision.

  • The Australian Constitution (Annotated) by Cheryl Saunders (Constitutional Centenary Foundation, 3rd ed, 2000). UniM Law KM 76 AUST - this book sets out the text of the Constitution with notes to explain the effect of each chapter and each section. 


Contemporaneous Annotators - Section by Section Treatment

There are two contemporaneous commentaries written at the time of the drafting of the Constitution. Both are widely cited in case law and scholarly writings and held to be authoritative. These are by Quick & Garren and by Moore.

  • W Harrison Moore, The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia (John Murray, 1902)
    • The 1st edition (1902) is available:
      • ​Online on open access - reproduced by the University of Sydney in 2000 from the original 1902 book. 
      • In print in the Law Library Rare Books Collection and in offsite Store.
    • The 2nd edition (1910) is available: