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Canadian Legal Research Guide

British Columbia - Legislation, Bills, Hansard & Gazettes

The official government legislation website is BC Laws, which links to:

  • Statutes and Regulations - current consolidations, point-in-time versions, and historic and legislative changes tables
  • Proclamations
  • Orders in Council
  • Ministerial Statements
  • Defunct (Repealed) Regulations
  • Gazettes

Note that the official versions of BC Statutes and Regulations are in PRINT ONLY, published by the Queen's Printer. Those on the BC Laws website are not official.

See the BC Laws FAQs, which contains useful brief information on all aspects of BC legislation, and the BC Laws User Guide, which helps you navigate the website.

The BC Legislative Assembly website includes

See also Researching British Columbia Statutes on the Canadian Legal Research and Writing Guide.

Image: Logo for Government of British Columbia. Image source: Wikipedia Commons