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Canadian Legal Research Guide

Saskatchewan - Legislation, Bills, Hansard & Gazettes

Saskatchewan's Queen's Printer website includes:

  • official versions of legislation, such as :
    • Current Consolidated Statutes and Regulations 
    • Repealed Statutes and Regulations
    • Point in time consolidations
    • Historical Acts: including the British North America Acts 1867-1975; the Saskatchewan Boundaries and Territories Acts; and the Lloydminister Municipal Amalgamation Act 1930.
  • By-laws
  • Orders in Council
  • The Saskatchewan Gazette (available online from 1993 to current) 

Bills are available on:

  • the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan website - from 1998 (3rd Session, 23rd Legislature) to current. This site shows the progress of Bills through all the stages; and
  • the Queen's Printer website - 1997 (2nd Session of the 23rd Legislature) to current. The Bills on this site are the 'first reading bills' ie: as introduced and read for the first time. 

Hansard is available on the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan's website - from 1996 (1st Session, 23rd Legislature) to current. It can be searched, or browsed by subject or member.

See the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan's How Laws are Made page for detailed information about the legislation making process. 

The proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan are available to be viewed live via live video stream.

Image: Saskatchewan flag. Image source: Wikipedia Commons