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International Investment Law


Finding Journal Articles in Multiple Journals with a single search

Journal Articles in International Investment Law Arbitration Databases 

ICSID's Bibliography on Investment Law and Procedure (open access) is an extensive bibliography that lists articles from multiple journals, books, research, and working papers on ICSID, investment law and treaties, and international investment dispute resolution. It can be browsed alphabetically by author, and it also has an advanced search function.

Kluwer Arbitration (UniMelb staff & students) - although not focussed only on investment arbitration, this database includes 11 international arbitration journals which include investment arbitration scholarship and can be searched simultaneously - ASA Bulletin, Arbitraje: Revista de Arbitraje Comercial y de Inversiones, Asian Dispute Review, Asian International Arbitration Journal, BCDR International Arbitration Review, Indian Journal of Arbitration Law, International Journal of Arab Arbitration, Journal of International Arbitration, Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem, Revue de l'Arbitrage, and Spain Arbitration Review. 

Journal Articles in General Law Databases 

The following journal databases index articles from hundreds of law journals. The journals can be searched simultaneously. Full text articles are often included in the databases.

  • AGIS on INFORMIT (UniMelb staff & students)
  • HEIN Online (UniMelb staff & students)
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (UniMelb staff & students)
  • Legal Source (UniMelb staff & students)
  • Legaltrac (UniMelb staff & students)
  • SSRN (open access) - this is the best database for very recent articles.
  • Westlaw UK - Legal Journals Index and Full Text Journals (UniMelb staff & students)
  • Westlaw Next Canada - Index to Canadian Legal Literature and LawSource Journals and Law Reviews (UniMelb staff & students)
  • Westlaw - World Journals and Law Reviews & Journals Index (UniMelb staff & students)

Recent Open Access Journal Articles & Book Chapters on SSRN

Mitchell, Andrew D and Tania Voon, 'The Rule of Necessary Implication' (draft chapter) in Joseph Klingler, Yuri Parkhomenko and Constantinos Salonidis (eds), Between the lines of the Vienna Convention?:Canons of Construction and Other Interpretive Principles in Public International Law (Wolters Kluwer, 2018). 

Schwieder, Robert W, 'Legal Aid and Investment Treaty Disputes: Lessons Learned from the ACWL and Investment Experiences' (December 2017)

de Mestral, Armand Claude and Vanhonnaeker, Lukas, 'How Best to Ensure Respect for the Right to Regulate in the Face of Foreign Investment Commitments: A Reformed ISA Process or a Return to the WTO' (December 2017)

Mitchell, Andrew D, James Munro and Tania Voon, 'Importing WTO General Exceptions into International Investment Agreements: Proportionality, Myths and Risks' in Yearbook on International Investment Law and Policy 2016-2017 (Oxford University Press, 2018, Forthcoming)

Tams, Christian J, 'Ways Out of the Marshland: Investment Lawyers and the Law of State Succession' (2017) in Hofmann, Schill & Tams, Investment Arbitration as a Motor of General International Law (Edward Elgar, Forthcoming)

Schneiderman, David, 'Global Constitutionalism and Its Legitimacy Problems: Human Rights, Proportionality, and International Investment Law' (2017) Journal of Law & Ethics of Human Rights, Forthcoming  

Mba, Sanford U, 'Africa for the Chinese'? Revisiting Bilateral Investment Treaties between African States and China for Corporate Accountability and Regulation (September 7, 2017)

Individual Journal Titles

The following online titles focus on international commercial arbitration, including investment arbitration (UniMelb staff & student access).