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Staying Current: keeping up-to-date

Keep up-to-date with new research in your area with journal and book alerts, RSS Feeds, TOC Alerts and Conference Alerts.

Attending conferences

Attending conferences helps with staying current and provides networking opportunites with peers and colleagues in your research field.

Have you considered submitting an abstract for a conference you'd like to attend? Many conference papers lead to publications in conference proceedings.

This page provides some useful conference listings. Many of the listings provide an alerting service.

Conference websites


A wiki for Calls For Papers in science and technology - lists around 15,00 CFPs

University of Pennsylvania Arts CFP

Calls For Papers website compiled by University of Pennsylvania (Dept of English)

Conference Alerts: Academic Conferences Worldwide

Browse Conferences by Topic or subscribe to this free service to keep informed about upcoming conferences


A directory focusing on conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, workshops, events and business meetings.   

Higher Education Conferences

Conferences in higher education and related fields

IEEE Conferences & Meetings

Innovation and technology

H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online

News lists, including conferences

Find academic announcements and calls for papers

Physics World- events

Institute of Physics

Conference directories

There are vetted tools to help researchers identify recognised conferences in their respective fields.

Further there are conference portals and -directories created by companies with potential commercial interests in creating the lists and promoting the conferences. Always evaluate information sources used to make strategic decisions carefully.

Directories and databases (Library subscriptions)

Commercial conference directories

Databases with conference material