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Readings Online User Guide

Guide for academic staff using Readings Online.

Add readings FAQ

Tips across all formats of readings:

  1. Add more details
  • There are mandatory fields but the more details you provide, the better. 
  1. Choose links over PDFs 
  • Links to electronic resources from the University of Melbourne will be automatically approved.
  • Uploaded PDFs need to be manually approved
  • PDFs downloaded from a University of Melbourne database then uploaded will be replaced by a direct link.   
  1. Check for out-of-date links
  • Links from library resources may have an out-of-date url 
  • EZP links can be updated using these instructions Replace with an OpenAthens link
    • The following databases do not need any OpenAthens prefix:
      • Kanopy
      • Proquest
      • EBSCO
      • Gale

Always check the library catalogue to see if an ebook is available. If so, copyright limits do not apply - you can link to multiple chapters or the entire book.

Generally, only 10% of the total pages of a book or 1 chapter (whichever is greater) can be made available online for educational purposes.  

However, if a book is no longer “available within a reasonable time and at an ordinary commercial price” (for example, if it's out of print) then it may be possible to have more than 10% or 1 chapter. Contact us for assistance



You can use two or more articles from the same issue if they are on the same topic.



You can not upload video or sound files, you need to have links to these materials



There are no copyright restrictions on linking to material available via websites provided the website is legitimate. For more information see  Identifying infringing material.

You may prefer to use a copy of the website content, for example if the page's content changes frequently. You can upload as a pdf using the instructions Add readings manually.
Unlike linking directly to the website, copyright restrictions will apply.