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Ebook Central

How to access eBooks from the Ebook Central platform.

Opening an ebook

1. To open an e-book from the catalogue, click on the Connect to ebook (University of Melbourne only) link.

If this is not an EBL eBook the eBooks guide will assist with downloading and opening eBooks on other platforms.

step one opening an ebook

2. You will be prompted to enter in you student login and password at the next screen.

step two opening an ebook

3. This will bring you to the e-book access page. Here you can either read online or download to your computer. To read online, click the blue Read Online button.

step three opening an ebook

4. To download the ebook click the orange Download button. From there, you will need to download software needed to access the downloaded ebook called Adobe Digital Editions. Click on the relevant tabs at the top of this guide to download the software.

Windows users click here.

Mac users click here.