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How to access eBooks from the Ebook Central platform.

Using a downloaded e-book: Windows

1. To download an e-book, click on the blue Download button. You may also have the option of choosing your loan time.

step one using a downloaded ebook windows

2. Open the downloaded file (for example, this one would be called  URLLink.acsm). If using Google Chrome, it will appear the bottom left of you browser. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, it should be in your downloads folder. If you are using Internet Explorer, you should download and open it from your desktop.

This will start installing Adobe Digital Editions.

step two using a downloaded ebook windows

3. Your downloaded e-book will appear in your Bookshelves. To open, double click on the book you would like to read.

step three using a downloaded ebook windows

4. Use the scroll or page numbers to navigate the book. To skip to a specific chapter click on the table of contents icon shown in the second image.

step four using a downloaded ebook windows

Please note that the book will automatically disappear from your computer after the loan time limit has been reached. There is no need to "return' it physically! To re-download, simply go through the same steps as above.