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Education Collections and Services

This guide will introduce you to the services, facilities and resources available to students and academic staff.

Digital resources for the classroom

The following digital resources are provided by the Library and can be used by teacher candidates on campus and during placementOur teacher librarians have created an accompanying quick start guide for each resource to support their use.

Reviewing the products and recommending other resources for purchase

  • The vendors make these resources available via a subscription model. We encourage academic staff to review the products and provide feedback or offer alternative suggestions of resources.  
  • There may be variations in access arrangements for some products, for example we are currently pay the subscription for Britannica Pathways: ScienceTeacher candidates from the Sciences learning areas have access to this resource via the LMS.

List of resources for courses and learning areas 

Digital resources for early learning

Digital resources for primary classrooms

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Digital resources for secondary classrooms


Digital resources for teaching numeracy and maths

Digital resources for teaching science

Digital resources for teaching science

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All teacher candidates in the Science Learning area have access to Britannica. Pathways Science The account details are provided in LMS

Resources for literacy and English

Update about our subscription to Grammatikus (30 August 2016) - the vendor has made this product temporarily unavailable. We are seeking to reinstate access.

Streamed videos

Streamed video for the classroom

Streamed videos from the Library can be incorporated into your lessons during placement or used for your own learning. The videos play immediately and are accessible 24/7

How to find streamed videos

  1. Search the Library catalogue and limit results to online videos

  2. Alternatively, search these databases for streamed videos:

  • Kanopy This platform provides diverse streamed video content including award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases from leading distributors and film-makers. It includes content suitable for K-12 lessons and teacher education development resources.
  • Education in Video (Alexander Street Press) is a collection of streaming video developed specifically for training and developing teachers. The collection includes teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms.
  • Alexander Street Video offers video, audio and text-based resources covering an extensive range of subjects. This site allows users to cross-search the content purchased by the University of Melbourne Library (including Education in Video).
  • EduTV provides access to broadcast programs from free-to-air and pay TV channels in Australia.

New to streaming media?

Want to know how to create short clips for your classroom?