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Finding Journal Articles

Interpreting citations, finding peer-reviewed journal articles and locating relevant guides to assist in locating journal articles.

Differences in Terminology

‚ÄčThe following list provides some basic explanations of the different terminology used for journal articles:

  • Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals: journals which are of a high academic standard due to being reviewed by academics in the field (may also be referred to as academic journals)
  • Periodical: a synonym for journal, but basically means they are published on a regular basis such as monthly
  • News: some sources may contain articles which can be used in research but sources may vary in quality. Please see our News and Newspapers guide.
  • Academic Journals: basically the same as peer-reviewed journals
  • Reviews: reviews of scholarly resources are often included in academic journals but they are not in themselves academic
  • Magazines: a journal of sorts but not necessarily peer-reviewed so be careful of including them as an academic source.


A Google search may yield search results that appear to be academic but to be certain of the quality of the journal, To confirm whether or not a journal is authoritative and academic, see if it is listed Ulrich's Global Serial Directory 

Identifying Journal Citations

Journal citations are usually able to be identified by having: 

  • Two titles (one for the article and one for the journal)
  • Volume, Issue and Page Numbers.

In some cases, these elements may also appear for chapters in books or conference proceedings. Examples of journal citations in a range of referencing formats are available on our referencing site.