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25 Sept 2020 - Mendeley has implemented a series of product changes that may impact on existing users

- Mendeley Reference Manager replaced Mendeley Web Library on the 7-9-2020 More information
Mendeley Desktop is a legacy product and is no longer being updated or supported, so we encourage new users to install Mendeley Reference Manager
- the new Mendeley Cite plug-in for Word and the Reference manager currently has less functionality than the previous tool and doesn't support collaborative documents

We will continue to update this guide as further product information and functionality is made available. 
Need help? See the Mendeley Support Center

Mendeley is a reference manager, academic collaboration network and crowdsourced database with a unique layer of social information research.

Reference management products

  • Mendeley Reference Manager new

  • Mendeley Cite add-in new

  • Desktop (legacy product - no longer being updated - we recommend you install Reference Manager)

  • Citation Plugin

  • Mendeley web importer

  • Mendeley for iOS

See Mendeley's Support Centre for a list of supported browsers and operating systems for each product.

Mendeley Researcher Network versus Reference Management

Mendeley Reference Management versus Researcher Network

Mendeley provides two different functions

1. Mendeley Reference Manager focuses on knowledge production and management. 

  • Add, edit, and organize your references

  • Create and manage groups

  • Link Mendeley to Microsoft Word and/or create a BibTeX library for a seamless writing experience

  • Search Mendeley for relevant scholarly literature on any topic

  • Connect citations to PDFs on your computer (or import PDFs directly into Mendeley) for easy PDF management

  • Annotate and mark up PDFs that are linked to citations within your library

  • Link multiple PDFs and documents to a single reference record within your library

2. Mendeley Research Network focuses on connecting researchers.

Using the network features you can:

  • Create and share a scholarly profile with the Web (or with only other Mendeley users, depending on how you configure the settings)

  • Search Mendeley for relevant scholarly literature on any topic

  • Create, join, and manage groups

  • Discover articles that are trending in your research area

  • View altmetrics on any article, such as the number of readers in Mendeley, their disciplines, and their level of scholarship (i.e., faculty, postdoc, other)

Mendeley support

Mendeley Support