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Readings Online User Guide

This LibGuide is designed to instruct users on how to create and maintain a reading list on Readings Online

Adding Books, Book Chapters or Book Excerpts

Copyright restrictions apply when uploading copies of books.  Generally, only 10% of the total pages or 1 chapter (whichever is greater) can be made available online for educational purposes.  However, if a book is no longer “available within a reasonable time and at an ordinary commercial price” (for example out of print) then it may be possible to have more than 10% of 1 chapter (up to and including the whole book).

If you wish to make more than 10% or 1 chapter available, check the library catalogue to see if an ebook is available and then upload a link to the book or required chapters.

If you cannot locate an ebook, or are unsure how much of a book you can upload, please contact Readings Online for assistance –