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Readings Online User Guide

This LibGuide is designed to instruct users on how to create and maintain a reading list on Readings Online

Adding a Book or Chapter to Readings Online manually

If it is not possible to download a RIS file for the ebook or chapter, the reading will need to be created manually and link to the ebook or chapter added.  If a book is not available as an ebook, then a pdf of the chapter or excerpt can be added manually.

1. From the Readings Online page in the LMS subject, click on the Add drop down menu and click on the New book reading option.

Figure 1 - Adding a New Book Chapter manually

2. Follow steps 3 & 4 in Adding an ebook or Chapter to Readings Online using the RIS or RefMan file to enter the information for Required Reading and notes for Library and students.

3. Enter the citation information for the book or book chapter, ensuring that all required fields (marked with a red asterisk) are complete. The citation details can be cut and pasted where possible. Please include the total number of pages as well as the ISBN. This information can be found in the catalogue record of the book.  Ensure that all the fields are filled out correctly, following the Metadata guidelines for book readings guide


Figure 2 - Entering the Citation Information for a Book Reading

For Genre, the following applies:

  • Whole Book – use if a record for a whole book is being created
  • Book Chapter – use if a record for a book chapter is being created
  • Book Excerpts – where excerpts are being uploaded, e.g. multiple pages.  For more information refer to the Metadata guidelines for book readings.

4. Add either a link to the ebook or ebook chapter  or to upload a scanned pdf:

  • For a Link - Under Kind click on Link and then paste the saved link for the item into text box

Figure 3 - Entering a link for a manual record for a Book Reading

  • For a scanned pdf – Under Kind click on File then Click on Select a File and locate the file saved in your computer.

Figure 4 - Uploading a scanned pdf for a Book Reading

5. Review the data entered to make sure there are no errors or spelling mistakes before clicking on ‘Submit

  • Do not use the Locate option as there will be no reading available for students to access and this reading will be rejected by Readings Online staff.
  • Do not upload a pdf from a database as this is not permitted under our database library agreement.

6. On the Readings Online home page, a green banner should appear advising that the request has been received and will be reviewed.  The new book reading should appear in the ‘Ungrouped readings’ section of the screen at the bottom of the list.

Figure 5 - Book Reading Submitted to the Reading List

  • If the reading does not appear click Refresh (or press F5) to view an updated screen.
  • If the record links to an ebook or chapter, the reading will be labelled ‘Active’ or ‘Pending’ (if the availability period has not started).  Test the link by clicking on the globe to ensure that the book or book chapter is linked correctly.
  • If a pdf was uploaded, the reading will be labelled ‘Submitted” as the pdf will need to be reviewed for copyright compliance before the reading can become available to students.  Once the reading has been approved, usually within 24 hours, test the link to the pdf to ensure that the document will open correctly.