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Readings Online User Guide

This LibGuide is designed to instruct users on how to create and maintain a reading list on Readings Online

Organising readings into content folders

Readings can be arranged into folders if you would like to organise them by week or modules to give students easy access.

1. To create a new group, select " New group"


Figure 1 - Create a new group of readings

2. Enter a name for the group, e.g. Week 1 Readings, and click on Create to submit submit.

Figure 2 - Naming a new Content Folder

Readings will appear under ungrouped readings in the order in which they were added to Readings Online.  You can organise your readings into groups as required for example by week, topic or format.   It is only possible to have one level of content folders.  If you wish to have sub-folders, you will need to include it in the top level folder, for example, Week 1 – Journal Articles, Week 2 – Books and Book Chapters etc.

Figure 3 - A new Content Folder for readings

3. To edit a group name click on the edit icon.   Edit the text as required in the dialogue box and click on the tick box once complete.

Figure 4 - Editing the name of a content folder

       4.  To delete a group, if no longer required, click on the red bin icon.

The Trash icon will delete folders but will not delete your readings.  They will be moved into Ungrouped Readings at the top of the Reading List.

Figure 5 - Deleting a folder

     5. To drag a reading to a folder, using the 4 arrow icon on the right, select a reading and then drag and drop it to the required group. 

Figure 6 - Readings grouped by week

 6. Drag your items into the preferred folders. This can be done in bulk by ticking the box next to each item you want to move, click the "Move to" button and choosing which folder from the drop down box.             


Any items not dragged into any folders will sit at the top of the Reading List in the "Ungrouped readings".

Individual items can not be replicated within your Reading List to put into different weekly folders.