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Readings Online User Guide

This LibGuide is designed to instruct users on how to create and maintain a reading list on Readings Online

Readings status

Each reading will have one of the statuses below associated with it.

Submitted: Item has been sent to library staff.

Needs review : Usually missing mandatory fields, use the edit button to fill in what is required.

Processing : Your item is being worked on by library staff.

Pending : This is ready to become Active on its pre-determined date.

Active : Available for students

Rejected : Request has been rejected.  Hover over this status for the reason, which will be provided by library staff.  You will also get an email informing you of the rejection and the reason why.

Removed : Request was rejected while active.  You will be emailed with a reason why this may occur.

Expired : The pre-determined ‘end’ date of an item has been reached and the item is no longer available to the students.