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Readings Online User Guide

Reviewing and rolling over readings for a new teaching period

Readings provided through Readings Online are made available for one semester or term at a time. This allows all teaching staff to maximise the potential use of resources within copyright rules.

When the readings in a subject’s Readings Online page pass their end date, their status will change from ‘active’ to ‘expired’. They will need to be rolled over in order to make them available to students in the next teaching period. This is also an opportunity to review your readings and remove or replace readings that are no longer required. Statistics are also available that show how often students have accessed the reading.

When readings are rolled over, most readings will be reactivated immediately. However, some readings containing PDF files may need a further copyright check. As such, teaching staff should aim to roll over readings as soon as possible before the start of semester to ensure that all readings are available in time for the start of the teaching period.

Reviewing readings

Rolling over readings


Fill out any notes for students or Readings Online staff before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.


If the rolled over reading is a link to an electronic resource (e.g. electronic journal article, eBook chapter or website), it will will be labelled ‘Active’ or ‘Pending’ (if the availability period has not started).  Test the link by clicking on the globe to ensure that the book or book chapter is linked correctly.

If the rolled over reading is a PDF file, (e.g. scanned journal article or book chapter), it will need to be reviewed for copyright compliance before the reading can become available to students.  Once the reading has been approved, usually within 24 hours, test the link to the pdf to ensure that the document will open correctly.

When readings are rolled over, a new version of the reading will take the place of the expired request in the content folder on the left hand side of the screen.  The expired reading will be moved automatically into the Unit Library, where it can be left or deleted permanently by clicking on the trashcan icon associated with the reading.