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Readings Online User Guide

This LibGuide is designed to instruct users on how to create and maintain a reading list on Readings Online

Linking Readings Online in the Blackboard LMS

The first time you use Readings Online for your subject, you will need to create a link between your LMS subject and the Readings Online database.  You may also need to recreate the link when you get a new LMS subject at the beginning of the year or semester.

1. Log in to the LMS - and open your subject page.  Turn the edit mode on – located on the right hand side


Figure 1 - turning on the Edit Mode in an LMS subject page

2. Click on the “+”  on the left hand side bar and select Content Area

Figure 2 - Creating a new content area

3. Type Readings Online in the dialog box (or if you prefer you can use another name for your subject readings).  Tick the Available to Users box.  Click on Submit.

Figure 3 - Naming a new content area

A link to Readings Online will now appear at the bottom of the LMS menu on the left hand side.You can move the Readings Online link, if desired. Hover the mouse over Readings Online, click on the arrow on the left hand side and then drag and drop the Readings Online item to the new position in the menu.

Figure 4 - Reordering the Readings Online link in the LMS menu

4. To create the link between Readings Online and the LMS, click on the Readings Online menu item , then click on Tools and then select Readings Online from the drop down menu

Figure 5 - Creating the link between Readings Online and the LMS

5. Fill in the details of what the link should be called and include a description if desired.  Note, if entering a description do not copy & paste or format text as this will cause the link not to work.

Figure 6 - Adding the details for the Readings Online link

6. Scroll down to Options and select Yes to Permit Users to View this Content.  Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Submit.

Figure 7 - Adding the details for the Readings Online link

7. Click on the ON button to turn off the edit mode and make the Readings Online link live.

8. Click on the Readings Online link to access Readings Online.

Figure 8 - Accessing Readings Online

9. Select your Faculty from the School drop down list

Figure 9 - Setting your subject in Readings Online - Selecting the Faculty

10. Select your preferred Citation Style from the Citation Style drop down list.

Figure 10 - Setting your subject in Readings Online - Citation style

11. Click on Update to save your selection and open your Readings Online library.

Figure 11 - Saving Readings Online Settings and opening Readings Online Library

12. You are now ready to create your list. See Create new reading list.