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Readings Online User Guide

Guide for academic staff using Readings Online.
 Adding to your Reading list

You can add different types of content to your reading list, including journal articles, books, sound or visual materials and webpages or websites. Click on the below buttons to start adding content or readings to your reading list.

Best practice when adding readings to your reading list

Below are some important tips when adding readings to your reading list.

  1. Add more bibliographic details or metadata: when you add content or readings to your reading list, you will be required to complete mandatory fields marked with an asterisk. The minimum is to complete these fields but the more details you provide, the better. These details are used to generate a citation for that reading.

  3. Choose hyperlinks over uploading PDFs the preferred way to add readings is to link to electronic versions of resources owned by University of Melbourne, such as journal articles and eBooks. Any links added to your reading list will automatically approved. If you upload a PDF to your reading list, it will have to manually approved by a Readings Online/Copyright team member. If you download a PDF from a University of Melbourne database and upload it to your list, the PDF will be removed and replaced with a hyperlink. PDFs will only be uploaded if there isn't an electronic copy available.

  5. Check that the hyperlinks you use aren't Ezproxied: when copying hyperlinks from library sources like journal articles, you might find that they have in the URL. If that's the case, you will have to generate a new OpenAthens link. You can find instructions on how to create and Open Athens link here or below.

  7. Adding multiple readings from the same journal: you can use one article from a journal issue, or two or more articles from the same issue if they are on the same topic. If you are unsure if you can upload multiple articles from the same journal issues, please contact Readings Online. If you do need to print or download articles, please contact the Copyright Office


  • Bill
  • Conference Paper
  • Journal Article
  • Legal Case
  • Legislation
  • Magazine Article
  • Newspaper Article
  • Preprint
  • Proceeding
  • Statute
  • Whole Journal
  • Book Chapter
  • Book Excerpts
  • Conference Paper
  • Document
  • Manuscript
  • Musical Score
  • Proceeding
  • Report
  • Whole Book
  • Broadcast
  • Non-music
  • Song

         Media Type:

  • Cassette
  • Digital Archive
  • Digital Audio File
  • LP
  • Other
  • Podcast
  • Tape
  • Unknown
  • Broadcast Excerpt
  • Figure
  • Graphic
  • Map
  • Motion Picture Excerpt

         Media Type:

  • Digital Image File
  • Digital Video File
  • DVD
  • Unknown
  • Video Tape

How to create links using OpenAthens

 How to create a link to library content

If you are copying a hyperlink or URL that has an Ezproxied string “” as a part of the domain name, you will have to generate a new OpenAthens link by following the steps outlined on the OpenAthens Link Instruction page before adding it to your reading list.

Example of an ezproxied URL: 


OpenAthens Link Instruction