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Researcher Profiles, Identifiers and Social Networks: Maximise your Impact

Tips on how to promote your research and profile as a researcher.

What is ResearcherID on Publons?

Publons Profile (ResearcherID) is similar to the Scopus Author Identifier, it is a unique identifier for individual researchers but the difference is that you create and maintain it yourself.

Your Publons profile is the public facing element of your Publons account where others can see your publications, verified peer reviews, verfified editorial board memberships and editor records.

Why you should register for Publons

If you register for on Publons you will be assigned a unique ID number that remains the same, regardless of whether your name or institution changes, and can:

  • Import your publications from Web of Science, ORCID, or your reference manager (Endnote or Mendeley),
  • Create an online profile showcasing your work as an author, peer reviewer and editor,
  • More easily track the citation metrics for your publications indexed in Web of Science Core Collection, and
  • Make it easier for others to find your body of work and identify you as a potential collaborator.


How to register on Publons and link your Publons profile to ORCID

Go to Publons registration page

If you already have ResearcherID or Endnote or Web of Science account you can log in using those credentials and start using Publons.  If not, follow the instructions on the page to register with Publons.

You can link your ORCID to your Publons Profile.  This is recommended because it enables you to import publications from ORCID to Publons.

To connect an account on Publons:

  • Navigate to the Connected Accounts tab of your Account settings page.
  • Select “Connect” alongside the account type you wish to connect.
  • Authenticate that account.

How to register for a Publons account

There are two ways to register for a Publons account:

Via Web of Science:

  1. Go to Web of Science
  2. Select 'Sign In'.
  3. Sign in to Web of Science or register for a free Web of Science account.
  4. Select: 'My Tools' > 'Publons' and follow the prompts to register.


  1. Go to
  2. Click the 'Create a Publons Profile' button.
  3. Enter your name and email address and a registration invitation link will be emailed to you.

Once you have a Publons profile you can:

  • Build your own custom profile.
  • Build your publication list by:
    • Importing from a Web of Science search,
    • Uploading an RIS, CSV or Bibtex file (from EndNote, RefWorks or other reference management software)
    • Linking to an ORCiD account
    • Uploading by Identifiers, DOI or Title.


Example at Publons: Deborah A. Cobb-Clark 

Creating a Publons profile video