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United Kingdom Legal Research (ARCHIVE): BREXIT

This guide will help with your United Kingdom Legal Research. (ARCHIVE)

Legal Implications of BREXIT

Middle Temple Library has compiled a frequently updated annotated list of online resources on the legal implications of the UK referendum and Brexit. It includes blogs, reports, parliamentary papers, legislation, cases, news, library collections and useful websites.

Oxford Public International Law has compiled a Debate Map on Brexit.

This debate map indexes analysis of and information about the legal consequences of the Brexit, focusing specifically on the mechanics of leaving the EU and the impact on EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU—as well as on trade, the environment, and human rights protection in the UK. The map also includes analysis of treaty withdrawal generally under international law and the extent to which obligations, particularly in the fields of human rights and trade, can be said to continue even after a state’s exit from a treaty. The collection includes blog posts, papers prepared by the UK government, legal advice issued by leading lawyers, and open access journal articles and book chapters. Its purpose is to collect together legal analysis of the consequences of the Brexit under international law and EU law. 

History of the EU Timeline

The Inner Temple Library has compiled a very useful History of the EU Timeline, from 1945 to the present day, which includes Brexit events. 

Brexit Journal Articles

The Brexit Bibliography

Compiled by the Middle Temple Library, this bibliography lists journal articles which consider the legal implications of the UK's withdrawal from the EU. Use the sidebar on the right of the webpage. This bibliography is continuously updated.

Recent open access full text articles and book chapters on Brexit from SSRN

Dougan, Michael and Charlotte O'Brien, 'Reflections on Law and Impact in the Light of Brexit' (February 9, 2019)

Smismans, Stijn, 'Protecting EU Citizens in the UK from a Brexit ‘Windrush on Steroids’: A Legislative Proposal for a Declaratory Registration System' (DCU Brexit Institute, Working Paper No 8, 2019) 

Pelkmans, Jacques, 'Just a Little Brexit?: "Alternative (Customs) Arrangements" and the Withdrawal Agreement' (September 19, 2019). (CEPS Policy Insight No 2019-13, 2019)  

Barnard, Catherine and Emilija Leinarte, 'Brexit and Citizens’ Rights' (DCU Brexit Institute, Working Paper No 10, 2019) 

Egwea, Robert, 'Post-Brexit Challenges in Policing Modern Slavery in the United Kingdom' (July 21, 2019)

Skoutaris, Nikos, 'On Brexit and Secession(S)' in  C Closa, C Margiotta and G Martinico (eds), Between Democracy and Law: The Amorality of Secession (Routledge, 2019) 195-212

Frosini, Justin Orlando and Mark Gilbert, 'The Brexit Car Crash: Using E.H. Carr to Explain Britain’s Choice to Leave the European Union in 2016' (2019) Journal of European Public Policy  

Steiger, Dominik and Wiebke Günther, 'Brexit: What's Public International Law Got to Do With It' in Karl August Prinz von Sachsen Gessaphe, Juan J Garcia Blesa and Nils Szuka (eds), Legal Implications of Brexit (2018) pp 93-120


BREXIT Weekly News from the Guardian

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Books on Brexit