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New Users' Library Guide

Essential information for new users of the University of Melbourne Library.

Our libraries

Click on the images below to view the opening hours, map and contact details for each library.


Architecture Library link

Architecture Library

Architecture, Building and Planning

Baillieu Library link

Baillieu Library

Arts and Humanities

Browless Biomedical Library link

Brownless Biomedical Library

Health and Life Sciences

Burnley, Creswick and Dookie libraries link

Burnley and Creswick 

Plant, Ecosystem and Forest Sciences

Eastern Resources Centre link

Eastern Resource Centre

Sciences and Engineering

Giblin Eunson Library link

Giblin Eunson Library

Business, Economics and Education

Law Library link

Law Library

Southbank Library link

Southbank Library

Fine Arts and Music

Veterinary and Agricultural Science Libraries link

Veterinary and Agricultural Science Libraries

Library opening hours



All of our libraries have their own opening hours and some have after hours study zones which are swipe card access only (your UniMelb ID card is your key to entry). 


These times change throughout the year so please check our website to help plan your trip.


Can I eat and drink in the library?

Yes, as long as it's...
In designated areas odourless items like coffee, bottled water, fruit and chocolate are ok.
Craving a quick, odourless snack? In designated areas, relatively odourless items like bottled water, coffee, fruit and chocolate are okay. 
Some areas are zoned as 'Food Free' zones to protect important collections and materials. Each library has its own designated areas, so if in doubt please look for a sign or Ask a Librarian.

But not if it's...

Anything smelly, greasy or messy like chips, burgers, pizza and fish will need to be eaten outside.

Hungry and need a meal? Got something deliciously smelly, greasy or messy? Chips, burgers, pizza and fish will need to be eaten outside. 

Help us to keep the library free of litter:

  • Place rubbish in the appropriate bins provided - this includes cans, bottles and food containers/wrappers
  • Let our staff know of any spills