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Music in Australia

This guide will point you to resources in Australian music at the University of Melbourne Library and beyond.

Locate Sound Recordings

You can find CDs, LPs and online sound recordings in the Library Catalogue.

The most effective search strategies are:

  • Keyword search 
  1. specify distinctive words or phrases, eg Silverchair
  2. Modify or Limit Search to SOUND RECORD
  • Author Search - Composer 
  1. specify the author/composer/creator/ name, eg Sutherland, Margaret - complete this search first. 
  2. then limit the search to SOUND RECORD
  • Author Search - Performer
  1. specify the performer(s) name(s), eg Australian String Quartet - complete this search first.
  2. then limit the search to SOUND RECORD
  • Limit search to a specific library

You can further limit this search to LOCATION, eg Southbank Library.

Sound Recordings Database

Can't find it on the Library Catalogue?

The Sound Recordings Database is an index to CDs and vinyl recordings.This database is no longer being added to. We suggest that you use the library catalogue, however this database is particularly useful for locating vinyl recordings.

You can search for a recording by a combination of composer name, title, soloist or ensemble. For example:

LHDML Sound Recordings Database

The results list will display all formats:

  • CDs
  • Vinyl discs (B prefix)
  • Audio cassettes (CC prefix)
  • Tapes

For Aboriginal Music, use the Genre search. For example:

Sound Recording Database genre search

Online Audio Databases

Other Online Resources