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Music in Australia

This guide will point you to resources in Australian music at the University of Melbourne Library and beyond.

Searching the catalogue

Here are some basic tips for searching music scores in the catalogue.

For more detailed help, go to the Finding Music Scores guide.

keyword search is the best approach for finding music scores with their variant titles, languages and spelling.

Search using any distinctive words that describe the work you seek.

  • use the plural of the musical GENRE, eg sonatas, suites, concertos
  • include the name of the INSTRUMENT
  • include the composer's SURNAME to help focus your results
  • limit your search results to "PRINTED MUSIC"
  • include a distinctive word, eg title word, opus number or thematic catalogue number. Consult the composer works' list in the Grove Music Online or The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians / 2nd. ed.

For example:

Uniform Titles

If a score is found and you wish to locate other editions of the same work, click on the hyperlinked "uniform title" listed in the catalogue record. This will redirect you to other works using the same title.

​Catalogue Search

Use the library catalogue to search for relevant books, printed versions of journals and newspapers etc.


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