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Music Therapy

Guide for students studying Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne.

Find Books

Use the Library Catalogue to search for relevant books, printed versions of journals and newspapers etc.


To find books on a particular subject, do a keyword search on the library catalogue.  For example:

music therapy dementia

Keyword searching often retrieves a large number of results so you may like to narrow your search by adding more words.  For example:

music therapy dementia care

Click on the subject descriptions within a catalogue record to find similar books.  For example, in Music therapy in dementia care, click on Music therapy for older people to find related books.

Browse the shelves or library catalogue to find books on music therapy.  For example:

152 Psychology of behaviour
153.9478 Measurement and evaluation in music
371.904487       Special education - music
372.87 Music education - children, elderly, etc
615.85154 Music therapy
780.1 Philosophy of Music; music and meaning
780.7 Music - Instruction and Study
781.1 Philosophy of music; music perception and interpretation
781.11 Exploring the musical mind

You can request books from other campus libraries to be delivered to your prefered campus for pick-up.

A union catalogue covers the collections of the many libraries making up a consortium. It's both a discovery tool (search by keyword or subject) and a finding aid (find the library an item is held in).