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Music Therapy

Guide for students studying Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne.

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Title Start Year Abstracting / Indexing
Australian Journal of Music Therapy
Covers the current research and debate in music therapy.
1990 Music Index 7/1/2005-  ; PsycINFO 2002-  ;  RILM ; International Index to Music Periodicals 1/1/2005- ;  ProQuest Central  Jan.2005-

British Journal of Music Therapy
Contains articles reflecting the broad spectrum of ideas and approaches to music therapy in Britain.


RILM ; also see


Canadian Journal of Music Therapy
Covers the therapeutic application of music for clients and patients. Serves children with disabilities, including emotional behavior delays, individuals with psychiatric diagnoses, and the elderly.
1993 Music Index  1/1/2009- ;  PsycINFO 1993- ; RILM  ;    International Index to Music Periodicals 10/1/2004- ; ProQuest Central Oct.2004- 
Journal of Music Therapy
Contains reports on research in the areas of music therapy and the use of music in treatment and rehabilitation settings.
1962 Music Index  1/1/1964- ;  PsycINFO 1964-   ; RILM   ;  Scopus 1996-ongoing, 1991-1992, 1989, 1977-1987, 1973-1974  ;  International Index to Music Periodicals 1/1/1996-   ; ProQuest Central 12/01/2002-  ; Web of Science  ;  MEDLINE 
Music Therapy & Special Music Education Approaches
Published by the Greek Association of Primary Music Education Teachers.
Music Therapy Perspectives
Focuses on the theory, practice and administration of music therapy.
1982 Music Index  1/1/1986- ;  PsycINFO  1987-  ;  RILM   ;  Scopus 2011-  ;  ProQuest International Index to Music Periodicals 1/1/1995- ; ProQuest Central Jan.2004- 
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy
Publishes new research, theoretical developments, meta-reflections and discussions in the broad field of music therapy.
1992 Music Index 1/1/2000-  ;   PsycINFO 1992-   ;  RILM   ;  Scopus  2006-  ; International Index to Music Periodicals  2/1/2011-   ; Web of Science 
Qualitative Inquiries in Music Therapy
A monograph series from Barcelona Publishers.
2004 Music Index  1/1/2005-  
The New Zealand Journal of Music Therapy
Published by the New Zealand Society for Music Therapy.
1982 Music Index  12/1/2004-  ;  RILM  ;  International Index to Music Periodicals 1/1/2010-  ;  ProQuest Central  01/01/2010- 
Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy
From Uni Health, The Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre. Provides a forum for the development of music therapy practice, theory, discussion, and debate.
2001 International Index to Music Periodicals 1/1/2001- 

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