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Music Performance

Guide for students studying Music Performance at the University of Melbourne.


To find books on a particular subject, use a keyword search on the library catalogue.  For example:

music performance

Keyword searching often retrieves a large number of results so you may like to narrow your search by adding more words.  For example:

music performance practicing

Click on the hyperlinked subject descriptions within a catalogue record to find similar books.  For example, in The musician's way : a guide to practice,performance, and wellness click on Musicians -- Health and hygiene to find more books with this description.

Other useful subject descriptions include:

Music -- Performance -- Psychological aspects

Music -- Performance -- Physiological aspects

Performance practice (Music)

You can also search by name of instrument.

Browse the shelves or library catalogue at the call number 781.4 to find books on various aspects of music performance.  For example:

781.4 Techniques of Music
781.423 Sight reading
781.424 Ear training
781.426 Memorising
781.43   Performance techniques
781.44 Rehearsal and practice
781.45 Conducting technique, interpretation
781.47 Accompaniment


Don't forget that you can have books sent from other branch libraries to your campus for pick-up using the Request button in the library catalogue.

If all copies of a book are on loan, you may place a Request and wait for the first return, or ask for a copy from a participating university through the Bonusscheme 

Use the Library Catalogue to search for relevant books, printed versions of journals and newspapers etc.


The Reference Collection holds specific bibliographies for instruments and voice such as:

016.782 Voice

016.7862 Piano

016.787 Strings including Guitar

016.788 Wind and Brass


Bibliographies and sourcebooks on composers are also held:

016.78092 Composer bibliographies, in alphabetical order by composer

Other library catalogues deserve attention. Many of their resources will be available to you.

BONUS+ is a consortium of Australian and New Zealand libraries that fast-tracks items for undergraduates, graduate students, and staff. Its links are embedded in the library homepage and the catalogue. Place your request, and nominate your pickup location (usually Baillieu).

TROVE is a union catalogue of Australian academic and public libraries. If you identify a title and location on TROVE, you may visit another  local academic library to borrow in person (but first please see a Service Point at a University of Melbourne  branch library to get a CAVAL card). Honours and graduate students, and staff,  may ask for an Inter-Library Loan.

Items listed in overseas and international libraries may be requested by Honours and graduate students, and staff, on Inter-Library Loan.

COPAC covers academic and national libraries in the UK.

WorldCat has good international coverage, and is strongest in US materials.

The European Library covers European national libraries.

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Google Books Search

Full text searching in Google Books can help identify books to source in the Library catalogue, through Bonus, or (for Honours and graduate students) through interlibrary loan.