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Finding Theses

How to track down Australian and international theses.

Finding Australian theses

The Australasian Digital Theses Program database ceased operation at the end of 2010. The content of that database will be accessible from the National Library of Australia’s Trove service. 

Finding theses by topic on Trove

Search all Australian theses on Trove

Search all Australian digital theses on Trove

Enter keywords in search box. Results will be limited to Australian theses only.

Note: If you search digital theses, results will be limited to digital theses only. This icon indicates online availability.

Click to access full-text.

Finding theses by institution on Trove

Use Trove to find theses by university.To limit results by institution, go to Search the ADT - Member Institution Views

The Trove links populate the search box with the code for the university concerned e.g. nuc:VMOU (for Monash University). Type your search term(s) after this code, rather than overwriting it, to limit your results to the university concerned. If you do not find the thesis you are looking for, try unticking the "Available online" box - it may not yet be digitised.